Dear Ladies and Gentlemen

We are pleased that you have decided to hold an event or visit the Hotel Aquino Berlin in these "special times".

On the following pages we would like to explain the extended hygiene measures in our hotel in order to meet the requirements of the Berlin Senate for the containment of the Coronavirus.

The currently valid regulation is dated 5 February 2022 and can be changed or adapted by the State of Berlin at any time. Further details can be found at the following link:


As of 5 February 2022, the 2G+ test regulation applies in principle to the organisation of indoor events for 10 or more people and to indoor catering services, with the following exceptions:

An additional test is no longer to be submitted in the following constellations:

Ein zusätzlicher Test ist nicht mehr vorzulegen in folgenden Konstellationen:

  • -  3rd vaccination (booster/refresher) is proven
    -  Guest is "freshly vaccinated": 2nd vaccination was 14 days, but not yet 3 months
    -  Guest has already had 2 vaccinations and subsequently falls ill. According to the
       infection dates back at least 28 days and no longer than 3 months.
    -  Recovery is more than 3 months ago & 1 vaccination not yet 3 months old
    -  Guest is "newly recovered": Infection has been present for 28 days and no longer
       than 3 months ago.

Only persons with one of these 2G+ certificates are admitted, which must always be checked by the organiser. The documentation requirement does not apply.

Minimum distances do not have to be observed under 2G+ conditions. However, FFP2 masks are compulsory for all participants during the entire event - including at the seating area. The mask may be removed for speeches and for taking food and drinks at a table (also bistro table).

For events that fall under §12 of the Infection Protection Ordinance (Special Events), the 3G regulation + distance and mask applies. However, catering is subject to the 2G+ regulation.

  • Hotel overnight stays for business or tourist purposes are subject to the 2G regulation (+ mask), whereby the hotel staff request a digital or analogue vaccination certificate at check-in and verify this together with the identity card. Food served as part of the hotel breakfast also falls under the 2G regulation.

  • In the public indoor areas of the hotel, the obligation to wear a medical respiratory mask applies, as well as the requirement to observe the distance rules (1.5 m). Floor markings in the reception, restaurant and event areas facilitate compliance with the directive and disinfection stations are available at the entrance to the hotel, the restaurant, the conference rooms and in the sanitary facilities for you and your guests / fellow travellers.

  • While 2G+ is mandatory for indoor events, outdoor events can also be held under 3G conditions. In this case, however, masks are compulsory and there is a distance requirement unless you are in your seat. Under 2G conditions, the obligation to wear a mask and to keep a distance does not apply.

  • The obligation to document attendance does not apply.

  • Business meetings and conferences are currently permitted for up to a maximum of 200 people indoors and up to 1000 people outdoors.

  • Vaccinated / recovered hotel staff are tested for coronavirus twice a week, over and above Senate regulations. Unvaccinated staff are subject to daily testing.
  • Sensitive surfaces in the guest areas are cleaned and disinfected at shortened intervals.

  • Lifts are used according to size and distance regulations.
  • In the event of higher guest volumes, measures may be taken to regulate the flow of guests. We kindly ask to follow the instructions of the hotel staff.

  • All rooms are regularly aired and the workplaces in the conference rooms are disinfected during breaks on request / by arrangement. For the smaller seminar rooms we provide mobile air filtration systems (on request and subject to availability). The larger rooms are equipped with an appropriate ventilation system.

  • Food and beverages are served in accordance with the current regulations. Self-service buffets may be held in compliance with the distance and hygiene measures. The breakfast buffet is marked accordingly.

  • A face mask for personal use is available to our guests upon request at the reception.


Ladies and gentlemen, our reception and banquet teams will of course advise you on the selection of suitable rooms for your event to ensure proper implementation.

We thank you very much for your confidence and look forward to your event / your visit in our house.

With best thanks and regards Your Aquino Team