Archdiocese of Berlin

The diocese of Berlin, established in 1930, is a very young diocese with a long tradition. It is located on the territory of the former dioceses of Brandenburg, Havelberg, Kammin and Lebus. Today the diocese, which was elevated to archdiocese status in 1994, encompasses Berlin, large parts of Brandenburg and Western Pomerania.

The Archdiocese of Berlin is a diocese of contrasts: in addition to the metropolitan area of Berlin, the Baltic Sea coast, the neighbourhood to Poland and the vast areas such as in Uckermark and Prignitz shape the image of the Catholic Church here. Not only Berlin itself is attractive for holidaymakers, tourists and those seeking relaxation, but also for people moving here from all over the world.

The Hotel Aquino was built in 1999 as a guest house of the Archdiocese of Berlin and is affiliated to the diocese through the Erzbischöfliche Vermögensverwaltungs GmbH, which runs the house under its own management. The archdiocese and its institutions regularly use the rooms of the hotel and the conference centre for a wide variety of event formats.     (website only available in German language)